15 Powerful quotes by Oprah Winfrey to inspire you.

FRIDAY MOTIVATION: INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES BY OPRAH WINFREY. When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are. Oprah Winfrey. 15 Powerful quotes by Oprah Winfrey. 1. I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. 2. Everyday brings a chance for you to drawContinue reading “15 Powerful quotes by Oprah Winfrey to inspire you.”

25  questions on “Get to know me” Challenge.

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2: #choosetochallenge

Celebrating the achievements and looking to the future. #choosetochallenge

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: #choosetochallenge

Women in leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in COVID-19 world. #choosetochallenge

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