INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: #choosetochallenge

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Achieving an equal future in COVID-19 world.

There is no award for the most hardworking woman. You should learn to appreciate every little effort of a woman.

The Bossy Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us both positively and negatively. Positively, spending more time with family and friends, getting to know friends more, reflecting on our lives, discovering our gifts, fulfilling our purpose and more. Negatively, loss of love ones, loss of jobs, poverty, destruction of countries economy and more. Regardless of all these, we should always celebrate our women.

Celebrating every woman in our daily lives is nothing but an ambitious and appreciative thing to every female around the world. Every woman has being built strong, independent, intelligent, hardworking, beautiful, successful, supportive, talented, respectful, to lead, caring, raising young ones and more.

But sadly, these women face discrimination, harassment, inequality, oppression, rape, domestic violence, broken relationship, lack of education, death.

According to research from International Women’s Development Agency, 87,000 women are killed every year just because they are women. Of those 50,000 are killed by their male partners or family members and those are the only deaths we know about. 111 countries have no repercussions for husbands who rape their wives, 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same choice of jobs as men, 45 countries do not have specific laws against domestic violence, 35% of women globally have experienced sexual or physical violence.

All these facts on issues faced by our today’s women needs to be recognized. In this world, every woman in one way or the other has contributed highly to the changes of the world. What a man can do, a woman does better. Therefore, if men are celebrated, why shouldn’t a women be celebrated too? Why shouldn’t they have equal opportunities as men?

There is no limit to what we as women, can accomplish.

Michelle Obama


International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8 every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement FOR WOMAN’S RIGHT. It was first celebrated in UK in 1908. Th seee UN began celebrating the day in 1977. International women’s day grew out of efforts in the early 20th century to promote women’s rights, especially suffrage. The Socialist Party of America in 1909 held the first National Women’s Day.

The concept of a woman’s day caught in Europe. On March 19, 1911, the first international women’s day was held, drawing more than 1 million people to rallies worldwide. Women earn 23% less than men globally. Women occupy only 24% of parliamentary seats worldwide. 1 in 3 have experienced physical and sexual violence.


The colors of the international women’s day are purple, green & white. Purple signifies Justice & dignity, Green symbolizes hope and White represents purity. These colors are the symbol of women around the globe to celebrate their achievements in different places and also raise awareness against gender discrimination and problems faced by them. They are recognized for their achievements without regard for their divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

My advice to women is to fully and unapologetically take their place in the world. Women should stop asking for a place at the table, they should create their own table.

Aisha Yesufu(Nigeria, Activist)

Join us as we raise a glass to every woman in the world striving to affect lives positively and overcoming their fears.


Join the #choosetochallenge today.

To be continued…

Women’s week #ChooseToChallenge.

PS: Its Women’s week. Therefore, guest posts will be made for those who are willing to speak up on behalf of other women, advice their fellow women or share their success story. Please, for any of these leave the hashtag #choosetochallenge in the comment section and you will be replied as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

Let that smile be permanent.

Also fam, It’s so good to write again. I apologise for keeping you waiting for a while now. I have been occupied with college work due to the pandemic which has caused an adjustment to the school education system. We are really rushed and I had little or no time to settle the blog with my academics. Whoa, still on it and been having a really tough week. But it’s all good now and I really missed you guys. I really appreciate for your understanding, believing in me, sharing my contents, growing and supporting my blog. You all deserve the best and a big thumbs up to you all. Remember to keep safe, wear a mask, keep your distance, keep sharing and inspiring others and spread love. Thanks for reading.


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