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Motivation Overrides Procrastination

Written by: D. Jordana, The Good Men project. January 3rd.

Depression makes this very difficult . With all that is going in this world there are days when just putting one foot in front of the other is demanding. Covid and isolation from every one I love has affected me more than I could have ever imagined…...

Achieving goals in a pandemic.

By Phil Bohlender

Goals play a big part in how we achieve some of the most important accomplishments in our lives and careers. Goals are what drive us towards successful outcomes.

Sadly not everyone is relentless in the pursuit of their goals and many people are slowed down or derailed by procrastination. People can come up with the smallest things to sidetrack them or some massive barriers, they all get in the way of going after what they want and as a result, people become frustrated and give up.

Procrastination is the enemy of the goals in that it keeps people from stating in focused action. There are countless ways to procrastinate and interrupt the momentum to move forward towards our goals.

More often than not, people go into procrastination on autopilot and rarely have the wherewith all to pull themselves out of it until they have wasted a significant amount of time. Procrastination eats time for…click here to continue reading

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